Josep Adell1, Cesar Bedoya1, Javier H-Ayllón1, Antonio Humero1, and Edgar Lombana1
1)  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (ETSAM)
Departamento de Construcción y Tecnología Arquitectónicas (DCTA)
Grupo Técnicas Innovadoras y Sostenibles de Edificación (TISE Group)

Keywords: Ancient masonry, historical building, post-tensioned panels, invention patent.

Abstract. The building «Edificio España» (1950) located in the center of Madrid, has been acquired by Wanda company for full rehabilitation as commercial and hotel center with an obligation to maintain its facade entirely. Once dismissed keep it standing by its high altitude (117m) and the consequent economic cost of the secondary propping structure, it is proposed to reinforce the facade walls «in situ» and remove it as post-tensioned panels, which will be fixed on the new structure once incorporated appropriate anchors for it. In this paper it is explained
in detail, the invention developed with their constructive process “Integral Reinforcement System, to remove ancient brick façades” that allows saving this historic brick façade, transforming it in a multiple post-tensioned panels.