Stefano Bennati, Danila Aita, Riccardo Barsotti, Gabriella Caroti, Giuseppe Chellini, Andrea Piemonte, Francesco Barsi, Caterina Traverso
1 Dept. of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Università di Pisa
Largo Lucio Lazzarino 2 – 56122 Pisa (Italy)

Keywords: Dome, Structural analysis, Limit analysis, FEM, Laser scanning, Photogrammetry

Abstract. The present contribution aims at illustrating the results obtained so far by the multidisciplinary research group working at the University of Pisa on the currently going-on study of the mechanical response and load capacity of the dome of Pisa Cathedral. As is well known, structural modelling requires the reliable definition of the actual dome’s shape and materials’ properties. Moreover, a comprehensive account of the historical and architectural aspects is needed as well. Hence, the starting point of our research work consisted in high density and -precision surveys. Both range-based (laser scanning) and image-based (3D Photogrammetry) survey methodologies have been used to obtain the different structural models. Furthermore, a set of experimental tests has been performed to evaluate the masonry properties. From the mechanical point of view, the research focused mainly on the structural analysis of the dome subject to vertical dead loads. The dome mechanical behaviour has been described by means of both analytical and numerical analyses. The results obtained via these different methods are discussed.