Proceedings Of The British Masonry Society
Masonry (3)
Workmanship In Masonry Construction
No. 3, March 1989, Edited by: H W H West

Contents page
1 Masonry as a Decorative Wrapping
R J M Sutherland 1

2 Site Control of Mortar Manufacture
J N Tutt 4

3 Workmanship: The Designer’s Role
R S Narayanan 7

4 BS 8298: A New British Standard on Non-Loadbearing Cladding;
CP 298 Revised
K Ross 11

5 The 1988 SP56 – Model Specification for Clay and Calcium Silicate Brickwork
D Foster 13

6 Achieving Aesthetically Acceptable Brickwork – Part I: The Role of the Specifier
T L Knight 15

7 Brickwork – A Design Challenge
Douglas Smith 18

8 Impact of Detailing on Workmanship
G I Parkinson and W G Curtin 20

9 Masonry as Structure and Quality Finish
R E Bradshaw 23

10 Achieving Aesthetically Acceptable Brickwork – Part II: Site Management
M Hammett 26

11 Achieving Aesthetically Acceptable Brickwork – Part III: The Craft of Bricklaying
R J Baldwin 28

12 Workmanship and Buildability
S Adams 31

13 Some Aspects of Buildability of Concrete Blockwork
J K Beck and W G Curtin 35

14 Designers’ Practical Experience of Workmanship
W G Curtin and G Shaw 39

15 Designers’ Experience of Workmanship in Reinforced and Prestressed Masonry
W G Curtin and G Shaw 41

16 Workmanship Problems in the Construction of Reinforced Masonry
R C de Vekey 43

17 Concrete Blockwork – Workmanship
F McSweeney 46

18 Workmanship Factors and the Strength of Masonry
A W Hendry 48

19 How Much did Workmanship Affect the Robustness and Load-Bearing
Capacity of Old Masonry Walls?
R J M Sutherland 51

20 Influence of Workmanship on the Aesthetics of Calcium Silicate Brickwork
N J Bright, J D Saunders and C A Fudge 53

21 Field Measurement of Masonry Water Permeability
Alex Mishulovich and Boris Dragunsky 56

22 Workmanship, Rain Penetration and Cavity Wall Insulation
A J Newman 58

23 Effect of Workmanship and Construction on the Performance of
Brickwork Manholes
G J Edgell 62

24 How Traditional is Brickwork?
W H Harrison 66

25 Dpc’s – Application and Innovation
O J Balaam 69

26 Fixings into Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
W R Millard 72

27 Workmanship and the Performance of Wall Ties: Effect of Depth of Embedment
R C De Vekey, K Tarr and M Worthy 74

28 Workmanship Defects in the Installation of Wall Ties
K Thomas 78

29 The Use of Infra-red Thermography in Detecting Wall-ties
B W Adderson and J M Hart 81

30 Work on Masonry at the Building Research Establishment
R Lovegrove 84

30 Papers, 85 pp, published in 1986