Proceedings of the British Masonry Society (10)

Complete Proceedings of the 7th International Masonry Conference


No. 10, November 2006, Edited by: G Thompson


A New Method for the Realistic Determination of Load Eccentricities Due to Wall-Floor-Interaction
W Jäger, G Baier and T Vassilev

Limit Analysis of Masonry Arches Affected by Springing Displacement
L Van Parys, D Lamblin and S Datoussaïd

Improvement of Engineering Properties of Fired Clay Bricks Through the Addition of Calcite
J F Martirena, R L Day, D Betancourt and Y Diaz

Compressive Strength of Solid Clay Brickwork: Calibration of Experimental Tests
C Bilello, A Brencich, M Di Paola and E Sterpi

Evaluation of the Safety Coefficient of Axi-Symmetric Masonry Domes with Drum and Lantern Having Variable Profile and Carrying Their Own Weight
C Anselmi, E De Rosa, F Galizia and D Maniello

Energy Efficient Brick Manufacture using High Quantities of Fly Ash
R L Day, J F Martirena and A Huizer

Mathematical Model for Loading / Unloading Stress-Strain Curves of Interlocking Brick Masonry
M E Nazar and Dr S N Sinha

The 3-Dimensional Behaviour of Skew Masonry Arches
J Wang and C Melbourne

Performance of L-Shaped Steel Plate Lintels
A T Vermeltfoort

Analysis of Calcium Silicate Element-Infilled Steel Frames
B M Ng’andu

The 3-Dimensional Behaviour of Masonry Arches with Point Supports to the Intrados
C Melbourne and J Wang

Tests on Long Span Lintels Supported on Wall Brackets
J M Adell, H Martín, C López, R Beutel, M Balen, P Manfred, E Yáñez and P Timperman

Lateral Load Distribution in Multi-Storey Loadbearing Masonry Construction Containing Slip Joints
P Sing-Sang, Y Z Totoev and A W Page

Experimental Behaviour of Brick Masonry Under Combined Axial Load and Bending
G De Felice

Effects of Confinement Reinforcement on Bar Splice Performance – Phase II
J H Greenwald and J J Thompson

Behaviour of Laterally Loaded Concrete Blockwork Panels Constructed with Thin Layer Mortar
O J Kanyeto, A N Fried, J Ali and J J Roberts

Medieval Masonry Deformability Experimental Test
M J Cassinello

The Effects of Bed Joint and Vertical Reinforcement on Adobe Masonry (Mud Brick) Walls Under Compressive and In-Plane Shear Loading
W Jäger and S M Taher Khorramabadi

More Accurate Predictions of the Behaviour of Masonry Panels Subjected To Lateral Loads
C Sui, M Y Rafiq, D Easterbrook, G Bugmann and G Zhou

Strength of Eccentrically Compressed Brickwork Pillars: A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis
A Brencich, C Corradi and L Gambarotta

The Effects of Cyclic Loads on Post-Tension Losses in Masonry Columns
I A M Budiwati and A J Bell

Experimental Study of Four Brick Unit Specimens Subjected to Bending
Y Han, M J Masia, S J Lawrence and A W Page

Confinement Effect in Standard (Flat Platen) and Modified (Brush Platen) Compression Tests of Hollow Core Concrete Blocks
C S Barbosa and J B Hanai

Evaluation of Masonry-Infilled RC Frame Numerical Model Under Cyclic Loading
G C Manos, ? Thauampteh and V J Soulis

Extended Application Rules for the Fire Performance of Masonry Walls
Dr-Ing. U Meyer

Numerical Modelling of Deformation Behaviour of Dry-Stack Stone Masonry
R Senthivel, P B Lourencoand G Vasconcelos

Evaluation of the Static Collapse Multiplier for Masonry Walls Subjected to Out-Of-Plane Loading
C Anselmi, E De Rosa and L Fino

Thermal Properties of a Brick with Built-in Passive Solar Efficiency
Y Z Totoev

Structural Analysis of 3D Laser Scanning Models Using FEM
A M Yousry, K V Høiseth and J A Øverli

Cyclic Behaviour of Unreinforced Masonry Walls in Two-Way Bending
J Vaculik And M C Griffith

Drying Brick Masonry by Electro-Osmosis
L M Ottosen and I Rörig-Dalgård

Damage Evaluation by Acoustic Emission in Brickwork Structures Under Variable Amplitude Loading
A Carpinteri, P Bocca, G Lacidogna, A Grazzini and D Masera

An Investigation into Numerical Model Updating of Masonry Panels Subjected to Lateral Load
C Sui, M Y Rafiq, D Easterbrook, G Bugmann and G Zhou

Sensitivity Analysis of the Mortar-Aggregate Ratio Procedure
J H Greenwaldand J Farny

In-Plane Cyclic Behaviour of Load Bearing Masonry Walls
F da Porto, M Grendene, F Mosele and C Modena

Uniqueness Study to Update FEA Models of Laterally Loaded Masonry Panels by Genetic Algorithm
C Sui, M Y Rafiq, D Easterbrook, G Bugmannand G Zhou

Poisson Behaviour of Bedding Mortar Under Multiaxial Stress State
G Mohamad, P B Lourenco and H R Roman

Towards a New Theory for Masonry Vaults Assessment
A Baratta and O Corbi

Seismic Evaluation of a Heritage Brick Masonry School Building
A Ahmad, K Moin and M Qamaruddin

Scratching Test for Compressive Strength Determination : Method and Preliminary Results on Historical Mortars
L Van Parys, F Dagrain, T Descamps and C Coudyzer

On the Analysis of Regular Masonry Walls
A Baratta and I Corbi

Comparing New Zealand’s Unreinforced Masonry Details with those of Other Seismically Active Countries
A P Russell, J M Ingham and M C Griffith

Experimental Investigations on Mortar-Block Shear Bond Strength and Masonry Compressive Strength
Ch V Uday Vyas and B V Venkatarama Reddy

Dynamic Analysis of a Spanish Masonry Bell Tower
A Azorín, S Ivorra and F J Pallarés

Seismic Behaviour of Single-Storey URM Buildings with Lightweight Steel Roof
H C Uzoegbo Fbms, R Senthiveland R Pave

Torsion Shear Test for Mortar Joints in Masonry
M J Masia, Y Han and M R S Correa

Using Timoshenko-Like Formula to Reduce the Experimental Error of Laterally Loaded Masonry Panels
C Sui, M Y Rafiq, D Easterbrook, G Bugmann and G Zhou

Analysis of In-plane Damage of Unreinforced Masonry Walls
Y Shi and D D’ Ayala

Self-Consolidating Grout Investigation: Compressive Strength, Consolidation and Flow
J H Greenwald, D W Graber, and M S Bradfield

Time Dependent Behaviour of Historic Masonry: A Probabilistic Model
A Anzani, E Garavaglia and L Binda

Rocking Response of Solid Blocks on Rigid and Flexible Foundations
M A Elgawady, Q Ma, J Butterworth, and J M Ingham

The Challenge of Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Clay Brickwork Masonry
P R Bingel, A R Bown and J Sturges

Evolution of Brickwork Façades in Madrid’s Architecture From the Early 20th Century Through Their Bond Analysis
A Rodríguez Sánchez and M González Cortina

Fibreglass Reinforcement in Brick Bearing Walls
Prof. Arch. G Valletta, Prof. Arch. G Pedemonte, Arch. J J Fontana, Dr. Ing. Q R Taleroand Dr. Ing. Q A Delgado

Sustainability of UK Masonry in Relation to Current Assessment Tools
P R Bingel, A R Bown and J Sturges

Saint Andrew’s Church – Upgrading after the Newcastle Earthquake
J N Nichols and K F Tan

T-Shape Cross Walls Strengthened by CFRP-Sheets Under Combined Compression and Shear Loading
R Capozucca and V Pascucci

Ethical and Legal Aspects of the Use and Recycling of Masonry Waste in Spain
M Del Río Merino, P I Gracia and I S-W Azevedo

Masonry Field Inspection
J Chrysler

FEM Micro-Model for Masonry Reinforced in Bed Joints
L Drobiec

Development of Specific Methods to Analyse Decay Progression on Wall Coatings and Paints
V Galimberti

Measuring Deformations of Masonry Veneer Walls On-Site
G Bertram, D R W Martens and H L M Wijen

The Minimum Reinforcement Percentage for In-Plane Loaded Masonry Walls – Some Comments on the Guidance in EC6 Based on Wallette Testing
J Kubica

Comparative Study of Two Freeze and Thaw Test Procedures on Moulded Brick
R A Cyphers, PE and A R Whitlock, PhD, PE

Design Methodologies for the Assessment and Retrofitting of Existing Masonry Buildings
R Popescu, G H Popescuand A Craifaleanu

Prefabricated Masonry Wall Panels
D T Biggs

Development of Artificial Ageing Tests for Renders – Application to Conservation Mortars
A L Velosa and M R Veiga

Optimisation of Perforated Clay Units for Central European Seismic Areas
Dr-Ing. U Meyer, Dr-Ing. M Roßbach and Dr-Ing. D C Schermer

The Maturation Time Factor in Lime Putty Quality
M G Margalha, M R Veigaand J De Brito

In-Plane Bearing Capacity of Unreinforced Masonry Panels
C-A Graubner and T Kranzler

Characterisation of Lime Mortars with Water Repellent for use on Ancient Buildings
A C Magalhães, M R Veiga and F Cartaxo

Behaviour of Masonry Walls Made From Different Types of Clay Bricks Under Static-Cyclic Loading
E Fehling and J Stürz

Thermal Acceleration of a Portland Cement Mortar Using Direct Electric Current Curing
F M Khalaf

Effectiveness of Confinement Reinforcement for Improving the Ductility of Masonry
D I Mclean

Traditional Plus : Single Leaf Brickwork Walling for Houses
G J Edgell

Stress States in Multi-Storey Masonry Structures Under Horizontal Loading
D C Schermer

Repair of Damaged Multiple Leaf Masonry Specimens: Initial Results
A Anzani, L Binda, A Fontana and C Tedeschi

Masonry Wall Under Out-Of-The-Plane Loading: an Approach with Geometrical Variables for Determining the Kinematic Collapse Multiplier
C Anselmi and E Saetta

Enhanced Safety and Efficient Construction of Masonry Structures in Europe – Exploitation of Research Capacities from the European Commission for the Advantage of European Masonry Producing SMEs
R Rast, Dr.-Ing., Dr. Sc.Techn. and J Kieker, Dipl.-Geologe Bdg

Guidelines for the Diagnostic Investigation of Historic Buildings
L Binda, V Bosiljkov, A Saisi and L Zanzi

Joint Fixity Factor for Single Storey Masonry Buildings
D R W Martens

Developing Innovative Systems for Reinforced Masonry Walls
F Mosele, F Da Porto, C Modena, A Di Fusco, G Di Cesare, G Vasconcelos, V Haach, P B Lourenco, I Beer, U Schmidt, W Brameshuber, W Scheufler, D C Schermer and K Zilch

Methodology of Repairing a Stone Masonry Bridge
A Al-Jolahy and M Kulaib

Numerical Verification of the Barcelona Model Adapted for Brick Walls
A Wawrzynek, A Ci?cio and J Fedorowicz

Development of a Realistic Shear Test Method
D C Schermer

Performance of Low Density Aircrete Masonry
M C Limbachiya and C A Fudge

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Sliding Behaviour of Rigid Blocks Subjected to Cyclic Shear Loads
G C Manos, V Kourtides, V J Soulis and L Tsakmakides

The Strength of Thin Joint Solid Dense Concrete Block Work
J Ali, A N Fried, O J Kanyeto and J J Roberts

Swiss Masonry Code Design Charts for Shear Walls
N Mojsilovi? and J Schwartz

Environmental Product Declarations of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
H B Walther

Shear Stress Distribution of Stiffening Walls
W Jäger and P Schöps

Airtightness and AAC
D J Harris and P M Käkelä

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