No. 9, November 2002, Edited by: G Thompson


Non-Linear Analysis of Masonry Shear Walls
P G Asteris and A D Tzamtzis

Dynamic Behaviour of Masonry Vaults Repaired with FRP: Experimental Analysis
A Barbieri, A Borri, M Corradi and A Di Tommaso

Load Displacement Response of Non Standard Clay Brick Masonry
Columns Under Compressive Loading
E A Basoenondo, D P Thambiratnam and H Purnomo

Compressive Strength of Natural Stone Masonry
A J Bell, A M Al-Jolahy and M Kulaib

Development of a Mortarless Post-Tensioned Masonry Wall System
D T Biggs

Creep of Hydraulic Lime Mortar Brickwork
P R Bingel, J J Brooks and J P Forth

Compressive Strength of Solid Clay Brick Masonry Under Eccentric Loading
A Brencich, C Corradi, L Gambarotta, G Mantegazza, and E Sterpi

The Role of a Code of Best Practice for Aircrete Blockwork
N J Bright and C A Fudge

Numerical Modelling of Bed-joint Reinforced Masonry Walls Subject to
Out-of-Plane Car-like Impacts
S Burnett, M Gilbert, G Beattie, T C K Molyneaux, B Hobbs and P Newton

Partially Prestressed Masonry Columns Subjected to Shear
R Capozucca

Laboratory Investigation into the Durability of Joint Re-pointing
in Brick Masonry Damaged by Salt Crystallisation
G Cardani, C Tedeschi, L Binda and G Baronio

Granulometry and Burning Temperature Influence on Clays Used
as Hydraulic Additions to Aired Lime and Chamotte Mortars
M G Cortina and L de V Domínguez

Measurement of Load Eccentricity Using Flat Jacks
R C De Vekey

Movement in Masonry Walls Caused by Temperature and Moisture Changes
J L M Dias

Development and Application of a Training Programme for Block Layers
in Structural Masonry
T G do Amaral, D De G Santos and H R Roman

Influence of Some Types of Bed Joint Reinforcement on Mechanical
Properties of Masonry Under Compression
? Drobiec and J Kubica

Characteristic Compressive Strength of UK Masonry: A Review
G J Edgell, N J Bright and M Heath

Masonry Cloist-Vault: Collapse Behaviour and Rehabilitation With
Composite Materials
P Faccio and P Foraboschi

The Effect of Bonding on the Structural Behaviour of Masonry Panels
P Faccio, P Foraboschi and A Vanin

Prediction of the Masonry Resistance by Means of Sound Tests:
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis on Masonry Walls
C Faella and G Rizzano

Prediction of the Masonry Resistance by Means of Sound Tests:
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Tuff Stones
C Faella and G Rizzano

Collar-Jointed Walls: An Assessment of Their Performance and Buildability
W A Ferguson

Masonry Units from Soil and Bitumen
J P Forth and S E Zoorob

Unreinforced Masonry Basement Design Using a Revised Method of Analysis
A N Fried, J J Roberts and A K Tovey

Whole House Construction of Aircrete Units to Produce a Low Energy Building
C A Fudge and D Lowther

Comparative Tests on Masonry Samples Built With Mortar Based on a
New Masonry Cement and with Traditional Mortars
V Galimberti , A Fantucci and U Costa

Brickwork Masonry Failure Under Tensile/Shear Loading
J C Gálvez, E Reyes and M J Casati

Dynamic Investigation of an Historic Masonry Bell Tower
C Gentile, A Saisi and L Binda

Advanced Analysis and Testing of Masonry Arch Bridges
D Gration, T Sagoo, G Beattie

The Effects of Vibration on Masonry Structures: An Example of a
Damaged Masonry Building and a Simple Analytical Model
N Gucci, G Mariani and M Sassu

Development of Lightweight Concrete Blocks for Thermal Insulation
A W Hago, K Al-Jabri, A Al-Harth I, and M Qamaruddin

The Acoustic Performance of Aircrete, Field and Laboratory Tests
D J Harris and A J Jones

Prefabricated Brickwork – What Lessons Can Be Learnt From Other
Materials and Industries
J Hogg, J J Roberts and A N Fried

Investigation of the Influence of Bed Joint Reinforcement on the Strength and
Deformation Characteristics of Clay Brick Masonry Under Horizontal Shear
R Jasinski and J Kubica

On-site Investigation Techniques for the Structural Evaluation of
Historic Masonry Buildings
C Köpp, C Maierhofer and A Ziebolz

New FRP Rehabilitation Technique for Historic Masonry Buildings
Y S Korany and R G Drysdale

Shear Modulus in Stiffening Walls Analysis – New Polish Standard’s Regulations
J Kubica

Rain Penetration Resistance of Renders
T Kvande and A M Waldum

Tensile Creep Behaviour of LWA Masonry
T Kvande, K V Høiseth, A T Vermeltfoort and R van der Pluijm

Design of Two Demonstration CFRP Post-Tensioned Masonry
Diaphragm Retaining Walls
S L Lissel, J Gilliland, and N G Shrive

Tests and Research on Bond Anchorage Behaviour Between Mortar
and Bar for Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry
Liu Ming, Wang Limin, Sun Huifeng, and Wang Bing Quan

The Performance of Partially Reinforced Masonry Walls Subjected
to Combined Horizontal Cyclic and Compressive Loads
G C Manos, M Yasin, J Thawabteh and V Kourtides

Preliminary Numerical Study of Byzantine Churches – the Church of the
Assumption of The Mother of God at Zervati
G C Manos, L Papas, V Soulis and A Diagouma

Structural Behaviour of Veneer Walls with Thin Layer Mortar
D R W Martens

Effects of Horizontal Joint Reinforcement on the Seismic Behaviour
of Masonry Veneers
W M McGinley, R M Bennett, and E N Johnson

Defects of Non-Loadbearing Masonry Walls Due to Partial Basal Support
J Mendes da Silva and R Silva Vicente

The Performance of Collar Jointed Masonry in Compression
S A Mirza, M E Phipps and A J Bell

Eccentric Shear and Normal Forces in Structural Masonry
N Mojsilovi? and P Marti

Assessment of Static and Dynamic Failure Characteristics of Mortar
Joints in Unreinforced and Reinforced Masonry
T C K Molyneaux ,

T.C.K. MolyneauxG Beattie, M Gilbert, S Burnett, B Hobbs and P Newton

Bi-axial Compression of Masonry; Explorative Research into the Behaviour
of a Two-Jack Test Rig
B M Ng’andu, A T Vermeltfoort and D R W Martens

MSWBA Concrete for Masonry Blocks. Experimental Characterization and Viability
L Nicolau, A M S Bastos and J Figueiras

Modern Property Valuation Methods for Masonry Houses in Germany
A Ohler

Improvement of Masonry Mortars Performance Using Organic Fibres
M L L Oliveira, P J P Gleize and H R Roman

Capacity and Deformability of Vertically Sheared Clay Brick Masonry
with Horizontal Reinforcement
A Piekarczyk and J Kubica

Use of Lead to Relieve Stresses in Masonry
J R Riddington and M K Sahota

Compressive Strength of Grouted and Un-grouted Concrete Block Masonry
H R Roman and R H Romagna

Interaction of Slenderness and Lateral Loading in URM Walls
A Schultz, J Bean, Mu Lu, H Stolarski and N Ojard

Behaviour of Calcium Silicate Brick Masonry Under Cyclic Uni-axial Compression
R Senthivel and S N Sinha

Lightweight Concrete for Masonry Blocks: Experimental Characterization
and a Proposal of Mix Design Method
H Sousa, A M S Bastos, and A Melo

The Application of Life Cycle Assessment Technique in the Investigation of
Brick Arch Highway Bridges
K N P Steele, G Cole, G Parke, B Clarke, and J Harding

Performance of Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites Masonry Ties
V Straka

Comparison of Severe Natural Exposure With the BCRL
Freeze/Thaw Test for Brickwork
A W Stupart and F Peake

The Effectiveness of Site Communication Related to the Construction of Brickwork
A W Stupart

Experimental and Whole Life Study of the Performance of Proprietary Renders
A W Stupart

Numerical Simulation of Complex Stress-States in Masonry Structures
L Szojda and S Majewski

Flexural Reinforcement Limits for Masonry Shear Walls
C L Tallon, D I Mclean, D G Pollock and T C Young

Shear Strength of Masonry Including Damp Proof Course: Experimental Determination at Different Strain Rates
S Trajkovski and Y Z Totoev

A D Model for Non-linear ‘Microscopic’ FE Analysis of Masonry Structures
A D Tzamtzis and P G Asteris

Structural Behaviour of Dry-Stack Interlocking Block Walling Systems
Subject to In-Plane Loading
H C Uzoegbo and J V Ngowi

Mechanical Behaviour of Masonry Made of Flat Blocks and Thin Mortar Joints
M R Valluzzi, F da Porto and C Modena

Nonlinear Transfer Matrix Model for the Assessment of Masonry Buckling Behaviour
T Vassilev, W Jäger and T Pflücke

Prefabricated Façades with Glue and Bricks
H J Vekemans and M P Ruben

Strain and Curvature Diagrams of Eccentrically Loaded Masonry Specimens
A T Vermeltfoort

Strains in Masonry Near the Support of Lintels Explorative
Research of a Test-Set-Up
A T Vermeltfoort and D R W Martens

Experimental Study of the Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Walls
K C Voon and J M Ingham

Seismic Testing of -Storey Post-tensioned Concrete Masonry Walls
G D Wight, P T Laursen and J M Ingham

Horizontal Bending of Face-Loaded Brick Masonry Wallettes
C R Willis, M C Griffith and S J Lawrence

Application of Correctors in Analysis of Brickwork Wall Panels
Subjected to Lateral Loading
G C Zhou, M Y Rafiq and D Easterbrook

Application of Cellular Automata in Analysing Laterally Loaded Masonry Panels
G C Zhou, M Y Rafiq and D Easterbrook