ISSN: 0950-9615 British Masonry Society Proceedings No.8 ALL papers
Proceedings of the 5th International Masonry Conference

No. 8, October 1998, Edited by: H W H West

1 Sustainable masonry construction
J J Roberts 1

2 Masonry in the Third Millennium
Giovanni Peirs 6

3 Experimental data on mechanical behaviour of lime mortar
Silvia Briccoli Bati and L Rovero 9

4 New tests for brick porosity and water absorption
A De Venny and F M Khalaf 13

5 Soil stabilized blocks for low income houses
Rubina Noor Skaikh and R Hanna 16

6 Comparison of draft European and British Standard test methods for
AAC masonry units
G Pye and D J Harris 18

7 Simple test for the determination of masonry bond strength
F M Khalaf 23

8 Compressive strength of clay block prisms
H R Roman and R J Mendes 28

9 Testing of various brick/mortar combinations for mortar durability,
efflorescence potential and resistance to rain penetration
G K Bowler and R H Sharp 31

10 Internal fracture test for brick strength
Liu Hui and R C de Vekey 37

11 Anisotropy of elasticity and time-dependent movement of masonry
J J Brooks and B H Abu Bakar 44

12 The effect of rendering on the flexural strength of brickwork
Andre P Eidelwein and Ronaldo Bastos Duarte 48

13 Effect of loading age on creep of sealed clay and concrete masonry
J P Forth, P R Bingel and J J Brooks 52

14 Experimental study of the bursting strength of cellular brickwork construction
S W Garrity 56

15 The structural performance of untied cavity party walls using AAC blockwork
G W Hickson and R C de Vekey 62

16 Test on panels of full sized bricks at different loading angles
S Pollard and B Hobbs 69

17 An assessment of the new ISO and CEN test methods for
beam and block floors
W Sparkes and D J Harris 73

18 The application of Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
for measurements of masonry/mortar stiffness
A T Vermeltfoort and E Wijnen 77

19 Experimental data on masonry specimens made with cement:lime mortars
A Canziani, A Fantucci, V Galimberti and M Montruccoli 85

20 Influence of SBR latex additive on the tensile strength of clay brickwork
S W Garrity 92

21 Compressive strength of mortars under triaxial compression
Humberto Ramos Roman and Gihad Mohamad 100

22 Thermal and strength performance of two lightweight mortar products
A W Stupart, J S Skandamoorthy and F Emerson 103

23 A methodology to evaluate the cracking susceptibility of
renders: equipment, tests and criteria. Experimental data
Rosario Veiga 107

24 Evaluation of the effect of mortar type, sand type and brick suction
on durability and shrinkage performance of mortar
A Yool, J J Roberts and A N Fried 112

25 The influence of fine materials in sand on the rheology of fresh mortar
P F G Banfill 119

26 Lime renders in Southern Portugal
Maria Goreti Lopes Batista Margalha 125

27 Mathematical programming application to limit analysis of
three dimensional masonry structures
C Baggio and P Trovalusci 131

28 Recent developments of the lattice model for in-plane loading of masonry walls
W J Beranek and G J Hobbelman 135

29 Extended lattice model for in- and out-of-plane loading of masonry walls
W J Beranek and A Borgart 142

30 Analysis of cavity walls – the Danish approach
Mogens Buhelt 148

31 Elastic-brittle Cosserat continuum model for brick masonry
R Masiani and P Trovalusci 153

32 A numerical study of masonry tensile bond strength test methods
J R Riddington, P Jukes and P J B Morrell 157

33 Strength and deformation capacity of laterally loaded masonry
Klavs Feilberg Hansen 165

34 Capacity of vertically sheared unreinforced masonry walls
Jan Kubica 170

35 On some indirect methods of analysis of shear walls
Jan Kubica 175

36 Eccentrically loaded historic masonry
Ahmad Sabha 178

37 A dynamic finite element modelling approach for masonry structures
M Gilbert, T C K Molyneaux and B Hobbs 182

38 A method to evaluate masonry damage under dynamic loading
Vincenzo Laudazi and Adolfo Bacci 188

39 Simplified non-linear seismic analysis of masonry buildings
G Magenes and A Della Fontana 190

40 Combined horizontal cyclic and compressive load testing of
partially reinforced masonry piers
G C Manos, B Yasin and J Thaumpta 196

41 The earthquake response of multi-storey r.c. structures with masonry infills
G C Manos, B Yasin and J Thaumpta 202

42 Reinforced masonry walls under blast loading
Chr Mayrhofer 211

43 Influence of panel aspect ratio on the cyclic residual strains of brick masonry
M M Alshebani and S N Sinha 216

44 Collapse load response of a barrel masonry vault model
Roberto Capozucca 220

45 Recycled aggregate blocks in beam and block flooring
R Collins, W Sparkes and D J Harris 227

46 The fire performance of insulated cavity walls
R C de Vekey 229

47 The behaviour of masonry jack arches
C Melbourne and L Weekes 235
48 Requirements of masonry walls in severe climatic conditions to meet
the new Russian Codes of thermal resistance
V M Gorpinchenko and M D Pavlova 239

49 Energy efficient brick houses in the Australian climate
Tom McNeilly 241

50 Drying of masonry with exterior insulation
Hartwig M Künzel 245

51 The effect of weathering on the flexural strength of masonry
(updated to include 1995 measurements)
R C de Vekey and G J Edgell 251

52 Rain penetration tests – wide cavity walls
F Peake, W A Durose and G J Edgell 257

53 Erosion testing of compressed earth blocks
P Walker 264

54 Determination of the compressive strength of calcium silicate
brickwork using wallettes
S Clarke and D J Harris 269

55 Assessing the movements of unreinforced laterally loaded masonry
according to European and British practice
A N Fried 272

56 Comments on the design of masonry bearing walls according
to ENV 1996-1-1
A W Hendry 275

57 Comparison of buckling safety of masonry walls according to EC6
and the German standard
W Jäger and H Bergander 279

58 OMNIBLOCK. Technology for progressive housing
Mercedes Marrero 284

59 A building brick with interlocking formations
R P Murphy 287

60 Effects of a high-rise fire on a masonry curtain wall
James C Myers 290

61 Lessons learned from damaging interactions between masonry facades
and building structures
James C Myers 294

62 Investigations into the stress/strain relationship of historic lime
mortar brickwork
Claudia Neuwalt-Burg 301

63 Problems of, and solutions for, acoustic testing of masonry
Edouard G Nesvijski and Odilon P Cavalheiro 310

64 Science of strengthening historic buildings – a possible new discipline
Massimo Corradi 314

65 The use of bedjoint reinforcement to improve the performance of
historic masonry buildings
D D’Ayala 320

66 The bond strength of supplementary injection anchors in historic masonry
Birger Gigla and Fritz Wenzel 327

67 Methods of investigation and repair in old random-rubble filled masonry walls
D M Lilley and A V March 337

68 Elastic properties of tuff masonry columns
Giorgio Frunzio and M Monaco 342

69 The use of acoustic emission testing in the assessment of historic buildings
D I Ponomarev and A V Shampurov 345

70 Repair and strengthening of three-ring brick masonry arch bridges
S K Sumon 348

71 Some performance characteristics of lime mortars for rendering and
repointing ancient buildings
Rosario Veiga and Fernanda Carvalho 353

72 Strength of masonry arch bridges repaired using near-surface reinforcement
A F Ashour and S W Garrity 357

73 The codification of prestressed masonry in the United States
David T Biggs and Hans R Ganz 363

74 Aanchorage bond of reinforcement to mortar or
concrete infill in reinforced masonry
J Booth and G J Edgell 367

75 Field investigation of the seismic resistance of existing concrete
masonry garden walls
Koji Yoshimura, Kinji Kikuchi, Tomoyuki Kajimura,
Yoichi Morishita, Keiji Eto and Hideko Nonaka 372

76 Dowel action of horizontal and vertical reinforcement embedded in masonry
E Vintzileou and N Psilla 378

77 Development of AAC masonry units with thin joint mortar for house
building in the UK
C A Fudge and M Barnard 384

78 Construction with thin joint mortar systems and AAC blockwork
M C Phillipson, C A Fudge, S L Garvin and A W Stupart 388

78 Papers, 390 pp, published in 1998