Proceedings Of The British Masonry Society
Masonry (7)
Proceedings Of The Fourth International Masonry Conference
No. 7, 1995, Edited by: H W H West

Contents Volumes 1 and 2

Volume 1

1 European Standard Specifications for Paving Units of Concrete,
Stone and Clay
R A Smith 1

2 Applications of Rheology in Mortar Production
P F G Banfill 7

3 The Effect of Clay Fines in Sand on the Durability of Mortar
A I G Yool and T P Lees 13

4 Field Testing of Masonry Mortars for Durability
Richard Givens 19

5 Properties of Mortar for Aircrete Blockwork
Stephen L Garvin and Ian H Murray 27

6 The Effect of Relaxation on the Performance of Mechanically Fixed
Remedial Wall Ties
R C De Vekey and K Tarr 33

7 Properties of the Lecce Stone and the Effects of Weathering
G De Casa and G Sappa 40

8 Elastic Properties of Tuff Specimens, an Experimental Investigation
C D’Onofrio, G Frunzio and M Monaco 46

9 Performance of Stabilised Soil Block Masonry under Uniform and
Concentrated Compressive Loading
Peter Walker 49

10 Sisal Fibre Reinforced Soil Block Masonry
M Olivier and Z El Gharbi 55

11 A Survey of UK Building Sands
A I G Yool and T P Lees 59

12 Clay Bricks with Rice Husk and Palm Oil Ashes
C S Abdullah, R Anang and M S Yassin 63

13 Induced Tensile Stresses in Restrained Shrinking Concrete Masonry
T G Hughes and R J Harvey 67

14 On the Tensile Relaxation of Masonry
Heinrich Metzemacher 71

15 Strain under Axial Monotonic and Cyclic Loads in Clay Hollow Block Masonry
N Tubi, F Cantoni, A Fantucci and G Zanarini 76

16 Influence of the Clay Unit on the Moisture Expansion of Masonry
J P Forth and J J Brooks 80

17 Factors Influencing Masonry Flexural Strength
A N Fried and D W Law 85

18 Gust Loading of Storey Height Walls
W A Ferguson and G J Edgell 91

19 Impact Testing of Masonry Walls
Matthew Gilbert and Brian Hobbs 97

20 Tests on Masonry Walls with Openings Subjected to In-Plane Loads
G König, A Ötes and M Ernst 101

21 The Behaviour of Brickwork Panels with Openings under Lateral Load
C Southcombe, I M May and V L Chong 105

22 Flexural and Shear Tests on Reinforced Vertically Perforated
Clay Unit Masonry
U Meyer and P Schubert 111

23 Flexural Behaviour of Masonry in Different Directions
Rob van der Pluijm, Harry S Rutten and Cor S Schiebroek 117

24 Bond Strength of Bed Joints in Solid Concrete Block Masonry
David M F Orr and John Costelloe 124

25 Dry-stone walls
Peter Walker and John Dickens 127

26 The Effect of Compressive Loads on the Load Capacity and Deformation
of Brick Walls Subjected to Shear
Jan Kubica 130

27 Cracking of Brickwork Shear Walls
Songbo Li, A N Fried and J J Roberts 134

28 Masonry Arch Design at the End of the 19th Century
A W Hendry 140

29 The Behaviour of Open Spandrel Masonry Arch Bridges
C Melbourne and H Tao 145

30 The Behaviour of Skewed Brickwork Arch Bridges
C Melbourne and J A Hodgson 149

31 Influence of Mortar Type on the Long Term Deformation of Single Leaf
Clay Brick Masonry
J P Forth and J J Brooks 157

32 The Use of Aircrete Blocks in Suspended Floors
C A Fudge and A H Riza 162

33 Wall Building, an Exercise Undertaken by First Year Architectural Students
Pierre Balosso 167

34 Technical and Operational Difficulties in Cavity Wall and
Solid Wall Construction
Jeff Howell 172

35 Building with Calcium Silicate Elements
W G J Berkers 176

36 Innovations in the Brick Laying Process on the Building Site
Michael H M Nieuwenhuys 180

37 Whole Life Costs of Flexibly Bedded Clay Pavements
J Knapton and I D Cook 183

38 Disfigured Facing Brickwork
K Thomas 188

39 Study of the Performance and Repair of a Masonry Veneer
Cavity Wall Construction
Mark F Williams and Barbara Lamp Williams 191

40 Performance Failure of Organic Fibre Reinforced Cement Roofing Shingles
Carl G Cash 198

41 Masonry Unit Shape Factors for Lightweight P.F.A. Concrete
A K Taylor and F M Khalaf 204

42 Influence of a Nonlinear Stress-Strain Relationship on the Stability
of Certain Masonry Walls
R Cerioni, I Iori and A Spagnoli 207

43 The Structural Integrity of Lawn Memorial Headstones
John Knapton 212

44 The Assessment of Earth Loads on Masonry Basement Walls
J J Roberts, A J Harris and S Williams 216

45 Bond Wrench Testing
Rob van der Pluijm and Ad Vermeltfoot 225

46 Factors Affecting the Compressive Strength of Calcium Silicate Units
D Kasten and W Eden 232

47 The Strength and Stiffness of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Masonry Walls
C Gerber-Balmelli 235

48 A Laboratory Assessment of the Durability of Mortars
Peter J Jackson 242

49 The Development and Testing of a Lightweight Mortar
A O’Rourke 249

50 Performance and Durability of Masonry Water Repellent Treatments
Alastair W Stupart and Ian H Murray 254

Volume 2

51 A Review of Masonry Strength Properties in Relation to Test Data
Lars Sentler and Per Öfverbeck 259

52 The No-Tension Approach for Structural Analysis of Masonry Buildings
Alessandro Baratta 265

53 Modelling of Masonry Structures by FEM
S Majewski and G Wandzik 281

54 Theoretical Model of the Structural Behaviour of Stone Masonry
A Sabha 286

55 Analytical Study of Masonry Cavity Walls
Khaled M Sakr and Vernon V Neis 292

56 A Comparison of the Mechanical Behaviour of Two Leaf and Single
Leaf Brick Walls
Franco Zarri 297

57 Structural Modelling of Post-tensioned Brickwork Cantilever Fin Walls
Faridah Shafii and Brian Hobbs 301

58 The Mathematical Solution to Interlock in Flexibly Bedded Clay Paving
J Knapton and H M Algin 307

59 Determination of Material Properties for Use in Masonry FE Analyses
J R Riddington and P Jukes 314

60 The Flexural and Compressive Performance of York Stone Masonry
J S Skandamoorthy and R C de Vekey 320

61 Simple Bending Test for the Determination of Masonry Bond Shear Strength
F M Khalaf 327

62 Initial Shear Strength of Masonry – Evaluation and Comparison of Test
Methods by Recent Test Data
A Caballero González and P Schubert 331

63 Masonry Construction and the Role of the EPSRC
John B Menzies 338

64 Time Dependent Damage of Rubble Masonry Walls
A Anzani, L Binda and G Melchiorri 341

65 Understanding and Classifying Ancient Masonry
M Bellomo and S D’Agostino 352

66 A Structural Investigation of the Palazzo Farnese in Rome
Biancaneve Codacci-Pisanelli 355

67 Experimental Tests and Numerical Modelling of the Masonry Proscenium
Arch of the Historic Teatro Goldoni in Livorno
M Lucchesi, C Padovani, C Rini, Mauro Sassu and N Zani 360

68 The Structural Performance of the Vaulted Masonry Roof of
Durham Cathedral
David M Lilley 365

69 An Experimental Investigation of Wall/Floor/Frame Interaction in
Nineteenth Century Textile Mills
Thomas Swailes 370

70 Integrated Use of Several Diagnostic Techniques to Restore an
XVIII Century Building in Spoleto
Romualdo Montagna 375

71 Mechanical Charactierization of Historic Mortars of Eastern Sicily
L Anania, A Badalà and M Cuomo 382

72 Evaluation of the Decay of Masonry Surfaces: Influence of
Environmental Conditions
G Baronio, F Cantoni, B Daniotti and E D Ferrieri 388

73 Strengthening of Masonry Structures with Fibre Composites
Grefor Schwegler 398

74 An Investigation of the Scale Modelling of the Thermo-structural
Performance of Compartment Walls in Standard Fire Tests
D J O’Connor, G W H Silcock and B Morris 402

75 Interferometric Techniques to Evaluate Strain Concentration at
Crack Tip in Clay Products
C Bosco, E Cadoni and M Facchini 407

76 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Masonry Materials: Use of
Laser Interferometry for Measurement of Deformation
G Mirabella Roberti, M Facchini and L Binda 412

77 Critical Review of Two Non-destructive Tests for Old Buildings
Paola Ronca 420

78 Optimisation of the Guarded Hot Box as a Method of Measuring the
Thermal Transmittance of Masonry Walls
J J Roberts, A N Fried, D W Law and D P Aviram 428

79 Cracking Due to Restraint
Udo Meyer 435

80 The Effective Use of Masonry Reinforcement for Crack Repair
David Cook, Stephen Ring and Walter Fichtner 442

81 Bed Joint Reinforcement in Masonry
P Timperman and J A Rice 451

82 Vertical Flexural Bending in Lintels of Bed Joint Reinforced Clay
Masonry in Spain
J M Adell, T González, L-B Martinez, F-R Astudillo,
P-A De Las Casas and G-J Garcia 454

83 Force Transfer from Carbon Fibre or Steel Reinforcement to Masonry
Ad Th Vermeltfoort 461

84 The Use of Parafil as a Prestressing Tendon in Prestressed Masonry
D J Easterbrook, G Shaw and G Gill 472

85 Macroscopic Defects Observed in Reinforced Brickwork Walls S W Garrity 475

86 Influence of Pretensioning on Masonry Wall Behaviour: Experimental
and Numerical Analyses
R Cerioni, R Brighenti and A Spagnoli 480

87 An Investigation of the Factors Affecting Full Scale Reinforced
Brickwork Structures
C Southcombe, G D Regan and C R Bradley 486

88 Experimental and Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Masonry Infills
on the Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures
G C Manos, B Yasin, Maria Triamataki and M Demosthenous 495

89 Construction of a 5-Storey Masonry Infilled R.C. Building at the
EURO-SEISTEST Site and First Test Results
G C Manos, M Demosthenous, Maria Triamataki,
B Yasin, P Skalkos and J Thawapta 503

90 Post-tensioned Brick Girders at Vernon Terrace
L N Allen 511

91 The Effect of a Pierced Web on the Structural Behaviour of a
Prestressed Brickwork I-Section Wall
T G Garwood 517

92 Temperature Conditions of Masonry in a Severe UK Environment
Mark C Phillipson and Alastair W Stupart 523

93 Structural Behaviour of Mortarless Interlocking Blockwork System
C S Abdullah, M S Yassin and R Anang 527

94 Prefabricated Brickwork: Application of Thin Lay Mortar and
Prestressed Reinforcement
H A J G van den Heuvel 533

In 2 volumes. 94 Papers, 539 pp, published in 1995