Proceedings Of The 1st International Masonry Conference
Proceedings Of The British Masonry Society
Masonry (2)
No. 2, November 1988, Edited by: H W H West

Contents page
1 The Effect of Sand Grading on Mortar Properties and the Tensile
Bond of Brickwork Specimens
C Anderson and L C Held 1

2 The Effect of Specimen Format on the Flexural Strength of Wallettes
R Lovegrove and R C de Vekey 7

3 Durability of Brickwork: Change in Flexural Strength with Time
S K Arora and H R Hodgkinson 10

4 The Development of a Unit to Provide Higher Bending
Strength in Flue Linings
R E Hobbs and K J Ejskjaer 13

5 Time-Dependent Behaviour of Calcium Silicate and
Fletton Clay Brickwork Walls
J J Brooks 17

6 Composite Models for Predicting Elastic and Long-Term Movements
in Brickwork Walls
J J Brooks 20

7 A Note on Chemical Attack on Mortars
T P Lees and G K Bowler 24

8 Strength of Brick Walls Under Normal Force and Shear
H R Ganz and B Thürlimann 27

9 The Racking Strength of Lightly Loaded Partition Walls
C J Cavanagh, G J Edgell and R C de Vekey 30

10 A Design Method for Shear Wall Panels in Frames
I M May, S Y Ma and P A C Sims 37

11 Axial Bending Stiffness of Masonry Walls
F Sawko and M A Rouf 40

12 The Structural Testing of a SLIM House
H R Hodgkinson and B A Haseltine 43

13 Robustness Tests on a Domestic House: Compressive
Loading Tests on Walls
G J Edgell and R C de Vekey 48

14 An Analysis of the Vertical Load Behaviour of a Typical Small Masonry House
R C de Vekey 54

15 Review of the Literature on Brickwork Arches
J Tellett 58

16 The Structural Performance of Brickwork Arcade Arches
J Tellett and H R Hodgkinson 64

17 In-Situ Lateral Load Tests on an Old Brickwork Building
C J Cavanagh, W F Webb and H R Hodgkinson 69

18 Reinforced Masonry Beams
S R Davies and A W Hendry 73

19 Limit State Design in Flexure for Grouted Reinforced Masonry Beams:
A Canadian Proposal
G Suter, H Keller and K K Lim 77

20 The Effect of Increasing Tensile Reinforcement in Cross-Bonded
Brickwork Beams
C Appleton and C Southcombe 81

21 The Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Brickwork Pocket Type Sections
J Tellett and G J Edgell 85

22 The Structural Behaviour of Reinforced Brickwork Pocket-Type
Retaining Walls
J Tellett and G J Edgell 91

23 Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced and Unreinforced Brickwork
I M May and J Tellett 96

24 Post-Tensioned Prestressed Brickwork Beams
I J Robson, R J Ambrose, R Hulse and J Morton 100

25 The Construction and Performance under Test of Four
Prestressed Brickwork Beams
T G Garwood 106

26 The Shear Strength of Prestressed Brickwork I-Sections
N Roumani and M E Phipps 110

27 The Shear Strength of Prestressed Brickwork Beams
R F Pedreschi and B P Sinha 114

28 The Prism Test as a Measure of Masonry Strength – A Theoretical Analysis
N G Shrive 117

29 The Structural Performance of Cavity Wall Ties
R C de Vekey and W J Reed 122

30 Wide Cavity Walls: Effect of Tie Density on Performance Under Vertical Load
S K Arora 129

31 The Effect of the Absorption Characteristics of the Brickwork Background
on the Adhesion of Rendering
I H Murray 134

32 Drilled-in Inserts in Masonry Construction
M Hatzinikolas, J Longworth and J Warwaruk 139

33 Long Terms Corrosion Tests of Bed Joint Reinforcement
C Southcombe and C Appleton 145

34 The Lateral Performance of Calcium Silicate Brick Walls with
Varying Amounts of Reinforcement
H R Hodgkinson, J F Goodwin, H W H West and B A Haseltine 148

36 Papers, 144 pp, published in 1988