Principal, Ryan-Biggs Associates, P.C., USA

Time and expense to construct a wall system are major components to any building project. For cost and speed of construction, site-constructed masonry walls are often compared to prefabricated systems of tilt-up concrete or steel panels. In recent years, prefabricated masonry wall panels have been constructed using a variety of masonry units. Some of the more popular systems include single-leaf brick veneer or masonry-faced concrete panels. While stone faced panels are in use also, they are not included here.
This paper will present a review of commercially available masonry panel systems in the United States utilizing either clay masonry or concrete masonry units. In addition, it will describe a masonry alternative to tilt-up concrete panels that utilizes multi-leaf brick masonry, mild reinforcement, and prestressing. These prefabricated wall panels are suitable for single-story and multi-story construction.

Key words
Prefabrication, wall panels, prestressing