Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, Azurem Campus
University of Minho, P-4800-058 Guimaraes, Portugal

The behaviour of masonry under monotonic and cyclic loading is of vital interest for engineering of masonry structures. The response parameters measured under monotonic and cyclic loading including the ductility, strength deterioration, stiffness degradation and energy dissipation capacity provide the basis for evolving the design criteria. A numerical simulation based on experimental test data has been carried out to model the monotonic and reversed cyclic load-displacement hysteresis curves of dry-stack mortarless sawn stone masonry using a multi-surface interface model where stone units and joints are assumed elastic and inelastic respectively. Finite element software, Diana version 8.1, has been employed to carry out the present numerical modelling. The stone units were modelled using eight node continuum plane stress elements with Gauss integration and the joints were modelled using six node zero thickness line interface elements with Lobatto integration. This paper describes the experimental research work and details of numerical modelling carried out and reports the numerical monotonic load-displacement curve and reversed cyclic load-displacement hysteresis curves.