TODOR VASSILEV, WOLFRAM JÄGER and TORSTEN PFLÜCKE Dresden University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Chair for Planning of Load Bearing Structures

A numerical model for the analysis of structural members under eccentric compression is presented. The equilibrium is formulated in the deformed state and takes account of the effect of deflections on the bearing capacity. The assumed parabolic stress-strain function allows a realistic modelling of the composite material behaviour in compression and bending. Due to the physical and structural nonlinearities, the bending stiffness becomes under loading a function of the stress state, thus leading to variable coefficients of the governing differential equation. The system solution is obtained within an iterative numeric procedure, based on the discretisation of the structure into finite segments and the piecewise linearisation of its parameters. The piecewise integration of the equilibrium differential equation leads to a formulation in terms of the transfer matrix method. The ultimate state is marked either by equilibrium bifurcation and loss of stability or collapse due to material failure.