1) Dr.-Ing., SDA-engineering GmbH, butenweg@sda-engineering.de

2) Dr.-Ing., Arge Mauerziegel e. V., meyer@ziegel.de

3) Prof. Dr.-Ing., Universität Kassel, fehling@uni-kassel.de


In October 2013, the European Union research project INSYSME – Innovative Systems for Earthquake Resistant Masonry Enclosures in Reinforced Concrete buildings – has been started with duration of three years. The project consists of 16 partners from six countries (Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey) and is coordinated by the University of Padova. Project partners from Germany are the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mauerziegel in Bonn“, University of Kassel and the engineering consultants SDA-engineering GmbH from Herzogenrath. The focus of the German partners is the development of innovative infill systems made of monolithic high thermal insulating clay brick masonry, which are able to meet the increasing demands caused by earthquake and wind loading. The SDA-engineering GmbH will implement the project results into the software package MINEA [1], that is available on the market for several years. Further information is provided on the project websites [2]. The paper provides a short problem description and presents the results of an experimental pilot study on clay unit masonry infill walls subjected to out-of plane loading. Afterwards the planned working program of the German partners within the project INSYSME is described.