Department of Civil Engineering University of Sana’a – Yemen

Amer Bridge is one of the distinguished historical monuments in Yemen. It is a double-ring arch bridge of 15.7m span and 11.0m rise with two wing walls of a total length of 72m. It is over 500 years old, constructed of natural stones, clay and other substance combinations. Due to the lack of proper maintenance and overloading at some occasions, the bridge experienced major defects in its different components including its supporting arch.
In this paper, authors outlined their experience in the repair work of the Bridge. The repair program was substantially inclusive which covered defining defects and assessing both stability and serviceability. The work covered following up the selection and manufacturing of compatible materials along with their implementation according to traditional practice.
The paper introduced a reliable approach for consistent repairs. It followed both current and traditional engineering practice to come up with an efficient methodology for repair work which optimized cost and time.