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This paper aims at developing an analytical model for the repair or upgrading of masonry domes using Fihre-Reinforced-Polymeric composite materials (FRP).
When is impossible to know the real mechanical characteristics of the material, this design approach permits the omission of actual values. In order to analyse a masonry dome without using the mechanical characteristics, the collapse mechanisms have to be referred to the framework of a timil analysis.
In this way we can disregard the actual situation and determine the range inside which it is included.
When the drum or the tie is not able to buttress the horizontal thrust at the springing, the dome collapses. There are two types of collapse mechanisms associated with limit values: the lower mechanism, determined by a thrust lower than minimum; and the upper mechanism, determined by a thrust greater than maximum. The values of the associated horizontal thrusts define the range that we want to know.
With regard to safety, every condition outside this range is not acceptable for the equilibrium of the structure.
The width of the range can be the tool to lead the decisions when the dome must be strengthened.