P. FACCIO and P. FORABOSCHI IUAV – Department of Constructions of Architecture ( DCA ); Venice, Italy

The paper is devoted to the masonry cloist-vault, and deals with structural behaviour, damage due to severe loads, and strength-ening by using composite materials. A full-scale prototype of a brickwork cloist-vault was tested to failure. The test prototype was then strengthened using fibre-reinforced-polymer (FRP) strips (without repairing the previous cracks). The reinforced specimen was tested again to failure. The test prototype was strengthened once more by adding new FRP strips to the previous arrangement. A new test was performed, up to the breakdown of the specimen. Each test included several loading-unloading cycles, in order to measure the residual deflections and show the inelasticity. The load-displacement curves of the three specimens along with the failure modes are analyzed. The behaviour of the masonry cloist-vault (reinforced as well as unreinforced) is explained and the mechanical enhancement due to the FRP strips is justified. Modelling and design guidelines are given.