1) Martini Mascarin and George Chair in Masonry Design, Co-Director, Centre for Effective Design of Structures, Dept. of Civil Engineering, McMaster University, Hamilton, L8S 4L7, Ontario, Canada. E-mail: eldak@mcmaster.ca


With the increased cost of both structural and nonstructural components in modern construction worldwide, comes the demand for higher safety levels under natural disasters. This situation is occurring simultaneously at the time when many countries are adopting higher seismic hazard levels and insurers are enforcing more stringent screening requirements as stakeholders become more aware of risk levels associated with seismic events. The lecture will focuses on addressing key issues pertaining to our understanding of system-level seismic performance of reinforced masonry construction and the development of resilient masonry systems from the performance-based seismic design perspectives of the next-generation of seismic codes in North America.


Keywords: Performance-based Design; Reinforced Masonry Shear Wall Systems; Seismic Codes.