1) Professor, Universiy of Vigo, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Engineering,

2) Assistant Professor, University of Vigo, Department of Materials Engineering, Applied Mechanics & Construction,

3) PhD Student, Universiy of Vigo, Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Engineering,

4) Assistant Professor, Defense Center University, Spanish Naval Academy,


The creation of structural models is affected by important uncertainties; first due to the common use of simplified geometric models, and then, because the mechanical properties of materials are not precisely known in many cases.

This article presents a review of the research developed by the Applied Geotechnologies Group of the University of Vigo related to masonry constructions. This research was based on the application of several terrestrial non-destructive geomatic techniques such as photogrammetry, laser scanning and ground penetrating radar. Some of the techniques are focused on the reconstruction of high accurate geometry of structures for subsequent structural analysis. Others are oriented to the estimation of shallow properties of materials, or even deeper internal properties of constitutive materials of masonry constructions. Through the following sections a selection of case studies performed by the research group in the last years are summarized.


Keywords: Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry, Ground Penetrating Radar, Geometric Modeling, Finite Element Modeling, Bridge Inspection.