Metropolitan University of Leeds and J.J. BROOKS University of Leeds

Creep and moisture movement strain test data after 300 days are presented for 13 course high x 2 brick wide single leaf masonry, constructed using a single type of clay brick (Armitage Class B engineering) and seven types of mortar. The investigation included a wide range of cement:lime:sand mortars, as well as masonry cement, Portland blastfurnace cement and plasticized mortars. In addition, the long term movements of the unbonded components of the masonry, that is the mortar and the clay units, were obtained for composite modelling of long term deformations. The moisture movement strain of the Armitage Class B masonry is less influenced by the mortar type than is creep of the masonry which appears to be related to the compressive strength of the corresponding mortar, such that it increases with a decrease in strength of the mortar.