1) Professor, Hokkaido Univ., Faculty of Engineering, 2) Associate Professor, Hokkaido Univ., Faculty of Engineering,



To evaluate frost resistance of burnt bricks, three evaluation methods (using water absorption properties) and three types of accelerated deterioration tests were carried out. Five kinds of bricks (three different solid bricks and two perforated bricks, one with and the other without bottom sealant) were used for the experiments. From the result of the freezing and thawing test (ASTM C666 procedure B), an accelerated deterioration test, deterioration of solid bricks was considered the result of freezing of water contained in brick sealing by ice. In working environments, bricks rarely freeze from every direction; therefore, freezing and thawing tests were carried out from one, two, and three sides of the bricks. Results from these tests did not show severe deterioration. Finally, the results of the evaluation methods are compared with each other, and the preferred evaluation method of frost resistance is discussed considering actual working conditions of bricks.


Keywords: Frost resistance; Burned brick; Freezing and thawing test; Evaluation method