1) Ph.D student, INERIS, Parc technologique Alata, 60550 Verneuil-En-Halatte, France,

2) Professor, Grenoble-INP, UJF-Grenoble 1, CNRS UMR 5521, 3SR Lab, Grenoble F-38041,

3) HDR, INERIS, Parc technologique Alata, 60550 Verneuil-En-Halatte, France,


Masonry structures can be deformed by deferred settlement and damaged. This paper presents the experimental results obtained on masonry due to subsidence effects taking soil-structure interaction into account. A new approach is proposed here for the assessment of damage levels based on physical modelling combined with digital image correlation (DIC) technique. The physical model has dimensions of 3*2*1 m with a 1/40 scale factor on geometry, functions under the normal gravity and uses sand as the analogue soil and an assemblage of small wooden pieces for the analogue masonry. A ground settlement profile is applied using a mechanical-electrical jack. In particular, a new indicator is developed for a damage-based performance assessment with particular attention to masonry structures. This indicator enables the location of the damage to be identified and quantified, and can be implemented in numerical models. Guidelines are suggested for efficient damage estimation.


Keywords: masonry structure, crack identification, damage assessment, physical modelling, small-scale model, digital correlation image.