1) M.Sc. Student, University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering, srizaee@ucalgary.ca

2) Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Department of Civil Engineering, sllissel@ucalgary.ca


This paper presents the preliminary results of in-plane quasi-static shear tests on walls having an aspect ratio of one, resulting in a diagonal shear failure mode. They are vertically reinforced and partially grouted. The vertical reinforcement ratio is the same in all the test walls. The focus of the study is on the effect of the horizontal reinforcement end anchorage condition in bond beams (no anchorage, 180o hook) on the behaviour of the shear walls and the efficacy of the horizontal reinforcement. These tests are part of a comprehensive study being conducted at the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. The strength and displacement at cracking, maximum, and ultimate stages are compared to each other. The strain at different locations on the horizontal reinforcement where yielding and major cracks are expected are also evaluated in an effort to explain why the end anchorage conditions of the horizontal reinforcement does not affect the strength of the wall.


Keywords: masonry, shear wall, horizontal reinforcement anchorage