1) Architect, PhD Candidate, DCTA, ETSAM. Polytechnic University of Madrid,

2) PhD Architect, Professor, DCTA, ETSAM. Polytechnic University of Madrid,


For a short period 1874-1929, developed in the Iberian Peninsula an architectural style called Neo-Mudejar, made with red brick face view, which acquired its maximum splendor in the development and construction of the bullrings.

The main feature of this style is the use of red brick face view, as the main building material and the use of bows for the composition of the voids, creating a unique ornamental art of clear Arabic influence.

In three bullrings of three Iberian cities, the development and evolution of the construction technique used with the brick face is described: Lisbon, Figure1, (Campo Pequeno 1892) – Barcelona (El Sport 1916) – Madrid (Las Ventas 1929). These buildings are all classified as Artistic Heritage.

Analysis is developed through a methodological approach based on brick cards use. We can compare the three bullrings each other, looking for different construction and ornamental solutions, to establish a discussion and conclusions.