1) Research Officer, LNEC, Portugal, pompeusantos@sapo.pt


A key issue in the rehabilitation of heritage buildings is structural rehabilitation, ie, which deals with their structural safety. However, the assessment of the structural safety of heritage buildings is a complex task in general, since the methodologies used to verify the structural safety of existing buildings differs substantially from that adopted in the design of new structures. In addition, there is the risk that the cultural value of the building is affected by the intervention of rehabilitation.

In order to provide guidance for interventions of rehabilitation of heritage buildings, the CIB Commission W023 – “Wall Structures” prepared a document titled “CIB Guide for the Structural Rehabilitation of the Heritage Buildings”.

In the paper the most relevant aspects of the document are presented, which are related with the survey of the situation in the building, the development of the diagnosis, the assessment of structural safety, with particular attention to the seismic safety, as well as the actions for repair or strengthening of heritage buildings.


Keywords: CIB W023, Heritage Buildings, Structural Rehabilitation