1) Dr.-Ing, TU Dresden, Chair of structural design, Germany, Sebastian.ortlepp@tu-dresden.de

2) Dipl.-Ing. Falco Schmidt, TU Dresden, Chair of structural design, Germany, lehrstuhl.tragwerksplanung@mailbox.tu-dresden.de


Perforated Masonry has high permeability to air, noise, heat and light. Due to this fact, particular applications are favoured. Thereby result favourites for its applications. Even in projects with limited resources, the use of a light and air permeable structure is recommended because this type of construction is efficient, quick and easy realizable. This separate casting wall shows in unheated rooms its particular advantages of special light effects. A starting research project at the Technical University of Dresden deals with the behavior of lightweight construction for publishing new results for the load bearing capacity.


Keywords: Perforated masonry, load bearing element