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Architectural Idioms reflect a distinctive principle that represents a particular culture, and construction technology of an era. The cultural practices and traditions are seen not just in the buildings of the past, but through evolutions and adaptations find their existence even today.

In this context Indian Hindu temples are not only renowned for their beauty and grandeur but are excellent examples of structural competence and techonological skills of Indian craftsmen and master builders of that era. India is a land of many temples, but numerous of them are lying in ruins all over the country. One such fine example surviving today is the ancient ruined temples of Kiradu, Rajasthan, situated on western side of the country.

In the present paper an attempt have been made to analyze and document the part-ruined temples of Kiradu, Rajasthan, India. The paper shall highlight the relationship between the the various architectural fragments and masonry of the temple. The remnants of the temples help to understand the construction process, techniques and structural system of the North Indian temples.


Keywords: Architectural Fragments/ruins, Construction process, Structural systems,Masonry, Indian temples