1) Ing., Apuliabase,

2) Ing., Technical University of Madrid, Department of continuum mechanics and theory of structures – ETSICCP, lt@he-upm.cpm


This paper describes a research project aimed at assessing one of the most important heritage structure typology of Apulia, Italy: the trulli.

The idea has been developed in the framework of Apuliabase Project and it has intended to build up a database in which the case-study will be classified depending on their static stability, seismic stability and the quality-damage status. This will be accomplished by planning appropriate quick on-site surveys and by classifying these structures through specifically designed procedures.

The research project has been properly set up by expecting the identification of the case studies, literature overview together with the application of several methods for evaluating different levels of stability for each case of study. For each aspect an index has been generated and from their combination it will be possible to draw conclusions about the relative classification of the trulli studied.

The Apuliabase Project is still ongoing and this paper is intended to give an overall presentation of the project itself together with the suggestion of the methodologies that have been used for the identification of the Static Index, Seismic Index and Quality Index.

The resulting database will be available for efficiently take actions for the conservation of the considered structures, being able to identify those which are in the worst conditions.


Keywords: trulli, dry-stone building, Apuliabase, index, vulnerability, Alberobello