1) BA (Hon.) M.Phil (Dist.), Senior Technical Officer, Historic Scotland, Conservation Group,


Traditionally constructed, solid brick or stone masonry buildings account for a significant proportion of the building stock in many countries. This paper will examine solutions to the problem of retrofitting insulation to such traditionally constructed brick and stone masonry. As such masonry was built with an element of moisture permeability it is vital that any material which is retrofitted to it maintains this dynamic to avoid potential decay.

Drawing on a program of ongoing site trials and tests this paper will present a range of solutions which can be considered when looking to retrofit insulation to traditionally constructed masonry. The thermal improvement for a range of materials will be considered as will the u-value of walls which has been measured pre and post installation. The intention of the paper is to clearly demonstrate the range of options which exist for retrofitting traditionally constructed masonry in a way which will ensure the long term health of the building by maintaining moisture movement dynamics.


Keywords: historic, masonry, retrofitting, insulation, moisture, permeable