1) MSc Engineering, Institute of Technology of Pernambuco -ITEP, Technology Laboratory Construction, carlos@itep.br

2) MSc Engineering, Pernambuco University, Civil Engineering , caetano@poli.br


This paper presents an innovative strategy for structural reinforcement of resistant masonry buildings using steel angles at the intersection of walls. Numerical analysis demonstrates its effectiveness based on the experimental results performed by Institute of Technology of Pernambuco and the Catholic University of Pernambuco.The great merit of this reinforcement system is to reduce tensions on the walls and prevent rupture by progressive collapse. Reinforcement projects using this technique for structural reinforcement are being deployed in the recovery of a residential complex of 69 buildings in the metropolitan area of Recife. A comparative cost analysis between structural rehabilitation of these buildings and the alternative of demolition and reconstruction of a new building to be constructed of structural masonry are presented.


Keywords: resistant masonry, reinforced in masonry, technique of reinforced, steel angles, cost analysis