1) PhD. Industrial Engineer, Head of the Physic-Chemical Test Unit, Institute of Construction Science Eduardo Torroja,

2) Industrial Engineer, Institute of Construction Science Eduardo Torroja,



Pavia’s Barracks is a historical building built during Fernando VI period, around 1752. First, it was used by royal guards but after rehabilitation in 2001 it has been used as a Centre for Higher Studies. The original load-bearing walls were brick-masonry walls with limestone and wooden lintels. Since the masonry wall was composed of different materials and they were so deteriorated, it was render with cement mortar and lime plaster. Before finishing the rehabilitation works, it was observed several alterations in lime plaster as moisture stains, efflorescence marks and bulges. In the present paper, the masonry materials were characterized by different instrumental techniques in order to study their composition, microstructure and hence, its alterations. Some soluble ions were identified in the composition of the materials, as well as high water content that could be the origin of the alterations on the facades.


Keywords: diagnosis, facade, brick, mortar, efflorescence, crypto-efflorescence