1) Eng. Mêda, P., IC-FEUP, Civil Engineering Department, pmeda@fe.up.pt

2) PhD. Sousa H., FEUP, Civil Engineering Department, hipolito@fe.up.pt


Information organization is an essential aspect for the construction life cycle. ProNIC defines Protocol for Construction Information Standardization. It can be characterized as a database with technical information that provides functional and collaborative environment for project development.

This paper is focused on exploring the information of this database, in particular with masonry works, and how it can improve the process outcomes. The information is explored to evaluate their adequacy to the standards and the design best practices, to assess their appropriateness to the production of documents such as bills of quantities and technical specifications. Special insight with respect to ISO 12006-2, from the perspective of construction works and construction entities is sought.

Main functionalities, benefits and practical results are presented based on real work situations.


Keywords: Masonry, works, standardization, ProNIC, ISO 12006-2