1) Assistant Professor, INESC Coimbra & Polytechnic Institute of Viseu,

2) Master in Construction and Rehabilitation Engineering,


This paper deals with the diagnosis and a proposed intervention of the Romanesque bridge at Mondim da Beira, in Tarouca. It is a classified structure whose construction date is assumed to be between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The diagnosis of the bridge involved collecting historical information, a visual inspection and numerical analysis. The visual inspection was performed with the aid of a visual inspection checklist developed especially for masonry arch bridges. This checklist has two parts and is complemented by a photographic and topographic survey. The first part contains general information on the bridge, its constitution and geometry while the second part details the non-structural and structural damage observed. The inspections and diagnosis report is divided into three sections. The first section describes the bridge and past intervention works. The second section contains details of the observed damage and another checklist, called the post-inspection checklist, for each class of damage. Section three sets out a proposal for intervention. This sequence of information provides a better understanding of the state of the bridge and the proposed intervention.


Keywords: Diagnosis, Intervention proposal, Inspection, Masonry arch bridges