1) Ph.D., Research Fellow, Roma Tre University, Department of Engineering,

2) Ph.D., Product Manager, Kerakoll S.p.a.,

3) Ph.D., Professor, Roma Tre University, Department of Engineering,


The use of composite materials for strengthening existing structures has rapidly increased in the recent years. Besides the use of Fibre Reinforced Polymers, innovative systems based on high strength fibres embedded in inorganic matrices are currently receiving great attention and are expected to provide relevant advantages in the application to historical masonry and cultural heritage. Nevertheless, mechanical performances, testing procedures and design standards, specifically conceived for mortar based composite systems, still need to be defined.

A laboratory campaign has been carried out in Roma Tre Laboratory on the bond performance of mortar based strengthening systems. Tests have been carried out on high strength steel textiles embedded in hydraulic lime mortar. Historic clay bricks and tuff units have been used as substrates. Textiles layouts and substrate properties have been related to ultimate loads and failures modes.


Keywords: mortar-based strengthening systems, steel reinforced grout (SRG), composite materials, masonry, bond performance, experimental investigation.