1) MSc, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne,

2) Dr. Prof., University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne,


In the present article the classical compression field model, which has so far been used for reinforced concrete, is applied to masonry. The classical compression field model meets the equilibrium conditions as well as the compatibility conditions with kinematic boundary conditions and allows the calculation of the load-deformation behaviour of panel elements under in-plane loading conditions.

A constitutive law suitable for masonry is presented, which takes into account the inhomogeneous and anisotropic properties of masonry. Further, it uses the failure conditions based on the theory of plasticity to determine the ultimate load. To verify the model the load-deformation behaviour of selected experiments on masonry elements from literature are recalculated.


Keywords: Compression field model, load-deformation behaviour, anisotropic constitutive law