1 Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany,

2 Dr.-Ing., Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany,


The presented work is aimed at the development of a macroscopic 3D material model for masonry which may be used in Finite Element simulations under the assumption of material homogeneity. Anisotropic material properties, plastic deformation under compression and discrete cracking under tension will be taken into account whereby the parameters of this macromodel shall be identified by micromodel fracture simulations. The paper describes numerical fracture simulations using micromodels which consist of individual bricks and mortar joints. Taking advantage of symmetry, representative cutouts of the masonry are considered. Under different loading directions and boundary conditions, fracture is simulated by smeared cracking. The load-displacement curves and the crack patterns obtained in these micromodel simulations will allow adjusting the material parameters to be used for the macromodel.


Keywords: Micromodel, smeared cracking, fracture simulation