1) Full Professor, Technical University of Lisbon, School of Architecture,


In the southernmost part of Portugal is located the Fortress of Sagres that sits on the top of a gentle hill, strategically placed transversely to the tall rock formation pointing south through the Atlantic Ocean. The state of conservation after several years of neglect and aggressive climate was very poor. After a careful diagnosis study, a major two phase plan was developed: first – the entrance tunnel and the tower; and, then we would intervene on the tall stone masonry walls. In the first phase, the tunnel and tower were restored with traditional materials and techniques. The primitive ventilation, the terrace and, the interior walls and ceiling vaults were restored. The stone masonry elements placed around the architectural elements were cleaned. This study presents the use of stone repair techniques and the design approaches to restore a national monument which represents a major symbol for the European cultural heritage.


Keywords: stone masonry; rehabilitation; traditional materials; lime mortar