1) Full Professor, University of Lisbon, The School of Architecture, Department of Architecture, Urbanism and Design Technologies,

E-mail: jnbastos@fa.ulisboa.pt


Under a major EU rehabilitation program, the City of Lisbon applied for financing in to two large rehabilitation projects – the Pancas-Palha Palace and the “Baluarte do Livramento“. The Palace construction period goes back to the XVI-th. Century and it is located on the Tagus river estuary north bank. In the mid-1800’s, the north railway line and the central station construction shortened the ties with the river’s everyday life. A decaying process began and continued after the City of Lisbon purchase in the 1960’s (to be demolished).

In the 1990’s, a major rehabilitation project was developed by Prof. Arch. Frederico George. The initial diagnosis carried on this extensive stone masonry building proved the existence of random construction techniques used during the last three hundred years combined with “successive” construction phases. Among some unique rehabilitation solutions, the XIX-th century building addition with a lightweight composite construction roof system deserves to be mentioned.


Keywords: rehabilitation, stone masonry, composite construction