1) Design Engineer, Ryan-Biggs Associates, P.C., Historic Preservation and Masonry Restoration,


This paper presents a case study of the seismic vulnerability analysis of a complex building component termed “aggregate 2” in Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi, L’Aquila Province, Italy, a region with high seismic hazard. Kinematic analysis is performed on 31 macro-elements and it is determined that the critical failure mechanism is overturning of the façades. The research focuses on the various intervention techniques that were considered and evaluated. Based on the evaluation criteria, the recommended short term emergency stabilization techniques are façade tension ties with base plates, and local mortar injection. The recommended long term intervention strategy includes additional investigation, structural analysis, and repairs to provide a more permanent fix to the structure.


Keywords: Seismic Vulnerability, Kinematic Analysis, Complex Building Aggregate