1)* Architect, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Department of Construction and Architectural Technologies,


The Energy rehabilitation of old buildings and renovation of the building enclosure, often require cement-free mineral based renderings due to the compatibility with the pre‐existent main façade material. Hydrophobic silica aerogel based composites within a mineral cement free have already been developed by other researchers; this composite material has shown very low thermal conductivity, light weight and low water vapor transmission resistance, but it’s not clear how the hydrophobic particles and water based mineral binder mix with each other. The present study is focused on the mixture of anhydrous calcium sulfate and hydrophobic silica aerogel particles (sizes: 10 μm and 0 – 1.2 mm) through a polymeric surfactant. Anhydrous calcium sulfate based gypsum was chosen due to its better mechanical properties and lower water absorption compared to hemihydrate based gypsum.


Keywords: Anhydrite, Aerogel, XRD, SEM, energy rehabilitation.