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Each time an architectural work is created, a five processes occur which when intermixed bring the structure into being. The five processes can be detailed as follows :

1- Figurative component

2- Functional component

3- Physical component

4- Constructive component

5- Environmental component


The construction system used to form a building is collection of relationships that are organized so that the building’s elements and physical components ultimately form the structure of the building.

In this essay, the five processes have been analysed and discussed in relation to a particular building which combined traditional and modern technologies to create a form of old Tehran architecture.

This style of architecture differs from that of contemporary buildings and is described in this structure as being figurative (imaginative), functional, static (having the appearance of solidity) whilst using the available construction materials.


Keywords: Architecture of Pahlavi Epoch, Architectural Components, Traditional Technologies, Karbandi, Brickwork, Tiling