1) Façade and ETICS Product Manager, Saint-Gobain Weber Portugal,

2) Exclay Product Manager, Saint-Gobain Weber Portugal,

3) Marketing Manager, Saint-Gobain Weber Portugal,

4) R&D Technician, Saint-Gobain Weber Portugal,


In the building rehabilitation context is often experienced a difficulty related to the improvement of thermal behaviour of ancient facade walls, with external coatings in stone or historical ceramic tiles, as examples, once it is expected to keep the façade architectural language. Indeed, this dual requirement prevents, therefore, the use of the External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) solution, recognized for its technical efficiency. On the other hand, is also required for ancient walls specific compatible solutions at chemical, physical and mechanical levels. A possible solution is the use of an internal render, able to fulfil both required demands. This work presents the characterization of a specific solution, based on a mortar, by laboratory and in situ evaluation, which allows doing a critical evaluation of its behaviour, when considered the mentioned levels.


Keywords: Rehabilitation, ancient walls, thermal requirements, mortar.