1) Postdoctoral Researcher, EUCENTRE, Pavia,

2) Assistant Professor, University of Pavia, DICAr,

3) Associate Professor, University of Pavia, DICAr,


Numerical simulations and post-earthquake observations have demonstrated that the seismic response of URM structures is strongly influenced by the behaviour of spandrel elements. Recently, several research group has focused their attention on the in-plane cyclic behaviour of masonry spandrel beams providing interesting experimental results. The experimental study presented in this work aims at investigating the seismic behaviour of double-leaf stone masonry spandrels, both in the presence or absence of a well-connected timber lintel. For this reason, an experimental apparatus was designed in order to test full-scale masonry spandrel specimens. The test setup allows the investigation of the spandrel beahaviour reproducing realistic boundary conditions in the element; in particular, attention was paid to the connection between spandrel and piers. Two squatter specimens of the same masonry were tested in the last years with the same test configuration allowing the comparison of the results.


Keywords: timber lintel, stone masonry, masonry spandrel, full-scale test