Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mauerziegel e.V., D-53113 Bonn, Germany

Harmonised European test standards for the fire performance of non-loadbearing (EN 1364-1 [1]) and loadbearing (EN 1365-1 [2]) walls have been available since 1999. Draft standards for the extended application of these test results on masonry walls were developed in CEN/TC 127. These draft standards will allow for an extrapolation to other masonry unit properties, other masonry mortars and different types of rendering or plastering.
The paper gives an overview of the current state of the extrapolation rules for non-loadbearing and loadbearing masonry walls under fire exposure in prEN 15254-2 [3] and prEN 15080-2. An example for possible extrapolations and restrictions on the basis of test results according to EN 1365-1 is given.
The extended application rules will be a useful and absolutely necessary tool for the fire design of masonry structures.
Knowledge about the possible extrapolations gives guidance for the choice of material combinations for future tests according to EN 1364-1 and EN 1365-1.