G. BARONIO*, F. CANTONI®, B. DANIOTTI* and E.D. FERRIERI* * Politecnico di Milano, ® ICITE-CNR, Milan

Three organizations, Milan Polytechnic, ESEM (School for Masons) and ICITE-CNR (State Research Centre) have been collaborating since 1991 on research into the decay of masonry surfaces. The thermo-hygrometric conditions of the environment, indoors and outdoors and of the masonry surfaces are monitored on full sized masonry models. The aims are to calibrate laboratory aging tests with the real environment; define the environmental stresses and times for a probabilistic model of the surface life of masonry materials and surface treatments; define guidelines for the diagnosis and evaluation of decay of masonry materials. The data were evaluated to define freeze/thaw and crystallization cycles, their number, duration and the thermogravimetric conditions achieved in the real environment. Outdoor and indoor conditions have been correlated with the temperature measured on wall surfaces subject to capillary rise of water and salt solutions. The results give better understanding of the decay phenomena taking place on the full size models.