Drafts of these documents were presented at a workshop at the Institution of Structural Engineers on 7 July 2004.

For further information on implementing the Eurocodes go to: www.odpm.gov.uk and www.eurocodes.co.uk

In addition to commissioning the National Strategy for Implementation of the EuroCodes, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) has commissioned BRE to prepare a series of high level companion documents that are aimed at senior engineers and architects.

These will cover:
• major technical differences between the Eurocodes and current UK standards
• a road map for the design of buildings
• best value issues
• environmental issues

ITEM SUPERSEDED. For information on Masonry Eurocode see http://www.eurocode6.org/ and for information on all Eurocodes see The BSI Companion to the Structural Eurocodes https://shop.bsigroup.com/Browse-By-Subject/Eurocodes/The-BSI-Companion-to-the-Structural-Eurocodes/