Prof. em. KTH Dept. of Architecture and Prof. em. KTH Dept. of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden


In the design of masonry buildings, it is required to calculate the eccentricity of the vertical force in load bearing walls. As a background to this seemingly simple problem, solutions stemming from the wide variety of materials for masonry, in structural combinations with other components, are discussed, using a modified linear analysis or other simplified analyses in the calculation. The specific choice of method is considered.

For a common, and uncomplicated, masonry structure “A simplified method for calculating the out-of-plane eccentricity of loading on a wall” is given in Annex C (informative), included in the code. The authors anticipate that Annex C will be widely used, thanks to its simplicity. The present paper deals in detail with clause (6) of Annex C. The theoretical background to the governing Equation (C.1) is elaborated. Also, the effects of the various parameters on the calculated eccentricities are illustrated in several cases. Some related approaches are also mentioned.

A change of clause (6) is proposed, to avoid a jump in the chain of thoughts within the Annex C, including limitations in the clause to avoid unrealistic eccentricities.