R RAST, Dr.-Ing., Dr. sc.techn. and J KIEKER, Dipl.-Geologe BDG
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mauerwerksbau e.V., Kochstraße 6-7, 10969 Berlin

The ESECMaSE (acronym for: Enhanced Safety and Efficient Construction of Masonry Structures in Europe) Collective Research Project of the 6th European Community Framework Programme for Research Development and Demonstration (FP6) was proposed by a consortium of 26 partners from 7 different EU member states. The total budget of the project amounts to about € 3,1 mio in total of which about € 2,2 mio will be granted by the European Commission (EC). The paper gives an overview of the major items of the proposal, the project objectives, their relevance to the objectives of Collective Research and the potential impact of the results. It also explains the importance of the project for the European masonry industry and the defines the formation of the consortium.
The paper also reports about the steps involved in the proposal process, the project management and the first and second reporting period. It offers suggestions for further masonry related projects in the upcoming 7th Framework Programme (FP7).
The project is coordinated by the DGfM, the German Masonry Association, Berlin. Due to complex rules requesting grants for research activities relating to framework programmes of the EC, the proposer needs a lot of experience and a good relationship to the commission services.

Key words
Collective Research, 6th Framework Programme, masonry structures, earthquake resistance, lateral loading, shear resistance, lateral design, RTD, IAG