J.P. FORTH and J.J. BROOKS University of Leeds

Further test data have been obtained on the influence of geometry on creep and moisture movement strain of clay brickwork watts and piers constructed from Fletton, Dorket Honey gold and Nori clay units. The results are extrapolated from creep tests up to 160d, As found in previous investigations, the influence of geometry on movement can be explained by the volume/surface (v/s) ratio, and the creep of larger brickwork decreases as the geometry or (v/s) ratio increases. For any type of brickwork or blockwork, the relationship; between relative creep and v/s ratio is similar and dependent on time. A similar influence of v/s ratio on moisture movement strain is apparent, but the relationship has yet to be developed because of a difference in behaviour; low strength clay brickwork exhibits moisture expansion, but high strength clay brickwork undergoes shrinkage.