1) MSc in economy University of Zürich, electrical engineer Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, partner econcept AG research consulting evaluation Zürich,


Far reaching improvements of the energy performance of existing buildings and deployment of renewable energy sources within building renovation are a prerequisite for tapping the reduction potentials of the residential building stock. For typical generic single- and multi-family houses in 7 European countries (AT, CH, DK, ES, NO, PT, SE) the impacts of up to 9 different packages of energy related renovation measures on life cycle costs, primary energy use and carbon emissions are assessed in comparison with renovation which does not aim to improve the energy performance of the building. Furthermore the impact of integrating embodied energy use for the renovation measures was demonstrated and sensitivity analyses were performed. Drawing from the parametric calculations of the impacts on the single- und multi-family buildings investigated, conclusions for renovation strategies and standard setting are drawn.


Keywords: Cost effective, building renovation, renovation strategy, primary energy, carbon emissions reduction, renewable energy sources, energy target, carbon emissions target, nearly zero energy building, nearly zero emissions building