1) University of Lucerne – Engineering and Architecture, Competence Centre Typology & Planning in Architecture (CCTP),


Today`s challenge in the retrofitting sector is the realization of building retrofits that considers a holistic approach under the pressure of cost-optimization and energy-efficiency goals.

The paper presents experiences of energy-efficient retrofit with highly industrialised renovation methods, which have been investigated and analysed at the demo projects realized in the FP7 project E2ReBuild `Industrial Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Resident Buildings in Cold Climates` ( A bottom-up methodology provided an insight in the development and decision-making of the retrofit strategies during planning and realization. The analysis was divided into an ecological, an economic and a social part. While the ecological part focused on the reduction of delivered and primary energy demand, the economic part showed the owners’ approach on investment, rent increases and the expected further component and service life of renewed parts. The social part highlighted the owners’ efforts to keep the residents’ expenses for rent and energy low and to improve the living quality of the apartments and the entire surrounding area. Each demo project was characterized by different objectives and motivations, but all of them aimed at increasing the energy-efficiency.


Keywords: Energy-efficiency; Retrofit strategies; Residential Buildings; Demo Projects