I.S. COLE, A. BRADBURY and W. GANTHER CS1RO Division of Building, Construction and Engineering, Australia

Two constant humidity/salt dose tests are performed on metal ties embedded in mortar and openly exposed plates. Conditions of the tests represent conditions likely to occur in the wall cavities of brick-veneer houses sited close to surf beaches in tropical and subtropical Australia during the monsoon period. Extensive corrosion of the galvanised ties embedded in mortar occurred during the tests. The corrosion rate of such ties was an order of magnitude greater than the corrosion rate of galvanised sheet exposed to the same conditions in air. The corrosion rate of both air-exposed and embedded specimens was dependent on salt dosage. In contrast, no significant corrosion was evident on the stainless steel ties. The suitability of such constant humidity/salt dose tests as appraisal tests for estimation of the service life of masonry ties is discussed.